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Business Lines and Calls

We provides calls, lines and SIP solutions for businesses through our partner that are moulded to meet the specific communications requirements of your business. From single analogue business lines to complex multi-site solutions, our range of products and services are scalable, meaning you can easily change and add to them as your business grows.

We can install new or migrate existing lines and services from ALL the major UK carriers. Our partner fully manages the whole process and make everything as quick and easy as possible and ensure as little disruption to your business operations as possible.

Of course partnering with us is only the first step in what we hope will be your long and happy affiliation. We promise to maintain the knowledge and expertise you need to deliver your telecommunications solutions not only today but also into the future. 

ISDN 2e Phone Lines

ISDN2e lines are suitable for small business offices and offer exceptionally clear, high-quality voice calls.

If you’ve got existing ISDN lines with BT, you can transfer them to us and start saving at least 10% on your current monthly line rental. It’s free and easy to make the switch and we promise no disruption to your business or services while we make the change happen.

We can transfer your business phone lines away from all other leading telecoms providers as well, plus we can offer you more competitive connectivity rates than you might expect.

We’re not like the rest. If you want a telecommunications provider that understands the needs of your business and will save you money, contact us with confidence. Alternatively, we will put you in touch with one of our expert advisers who can help identify the solution that’s perfect for your business requirements today and into the future.             

ISDN 30 Phone Line

The ISDN30e is commonly used to connect telephone systems to the public telephone network.

It gives your business all the features of our ISDN2e line but with additional channels for large organisations capacity requirements.


Our web and audio conferencing solutions allow you to attend meetings no matter where you are. If you have remote workers or clients, sales staff that regularly travel for business, or maybe satellite offices, web conferencing is a cost effective way to stay connected, reducing travel and creating a less stressful, more productive day.

Our Meeting Centre is an ideal solution for companies of all sizes, from small medium enterprises to large corporates – any organisation that holds team meetings, delivers presentations or engages in online training. Your meeting room is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anytime, anywhere, suitable for one person to 100 people – and you’ll never be double booked again! Our Meeting Centre puts you in control of your virtual meetings, with one simple interface making conferencing over the web as easy as “point” and “click”.

The benefits to your business are clear to see – delivering cost savings, increases productivity and protects the environment by reducing your carbon footprint